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Our priority is facilitating your safe dining on campus. Food Services at the University of Toronto has implemented extensive and enhanced COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures. Learn more ›

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Our mission is to nourish and bring the campus community together, contribute to the culinary culture of Toronto and support the work of innovative and sustainable local food suppliers.

Food Services at the University of Toronto is a division of Ancillary Services. We strive to ensure that our campus food locations provide a wide range of affordable, sustainable and nutritious food options to our community through excellent service, commitment to our environment and celebration of food to reflect our diverse community.

About Us

Meet the culinary team

We have a team of brilliant culinary experts who work to ensure your campus food is the freshest, tastiest, and best prepared food around! Check out our campus chef profiles to learn more about their culinary expertise, their beliefs as a culinary professional, and what drives them to provide such delicious yet healthy food for all the students, staff and faculty at U of T.


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Applications and guidelines

Due to current COVID-19 guidelines, certain restrictions may apply if you are hosting an event on campus. Please consult with a departmental coordinator prior to submitting any applications.

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Ancillary Services at U of T

At the University of Toronto, Food Services is a division of Ancillary Services. Learn more about what we do!


Manages and maintains buildings and residences, food/beverage services, transportation, licensing.

Chestnut Residence

Our signature, accessible, positive, hotel-style residence space in the heart of downtown Toronto.

graduate house

Our convenient, safe, centrally located and community-focused apartment-style graduate residence.


Coordinates St. George parking passes, car-share services, biking and pedestrian walkways.

trademark & licensing

Oversees U of T trademarks on all branded merchandise and maintains ethical procurement policies.

university family housing

Manages and maintains housing solutions for student and faculty families at U of T St. George.