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Our priority is facilitating your safe dining on campus. Food Services at the University of Toronto has implemented extensive and enhanced COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures. Learn more ›

About Us

Sustainability and Food Services

University of Toronto Food Services continues to be committed to sustainable practices.

reusable food containers


Our commitment to sustainability includes the Eco2Go reusable food container program to reduce single use plastics. To encourage use of the program, we’ve provided one container free of charge to every student resident of Chestnut Residence, New College, and CampusOne for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years.

Containers are available to everyone on campus for only $5—visit the dining hall at Chestnut Residence, New College, or CampusOne to participate in the program.

Due to our commitments to safety throughout COVID-19, we’ve had to reintroduce individually packaged products, including plastic bottled beverages and disposable cutlery. When circumstances allow, Food Services intends to redouble efforts to reduce plastic waste.

accessible drinking water

Bottled water on campus

In 2011, the University of Toronto made a commitment in support of accessible public drinking water. Specific initiatives in aid of this commitment included:

  • Limiting the sale and distribution of bottled water, except at special events, including especially outdoor events, where bottled water is the only source of hydration
  • Installing and/or upgrading public water sources
  • Ensuring that design standards for new buildings and major renovations include public water sources
  • Eliminating the use of bottled water by academic and administrative departments for meetings and events, on a voluntary basis
  • Investing in and supporting education and outreach activities
Bottle Free at U of T