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Our priority is facilitating your safe dining on campus. Food Services at the University of Toronto has implemented extensive and enhanced COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures. Learn more ›

1.1 Daily Temperature Log

1.2 Holding Temperature Log

1.3 Cooling Log

1.4 Reheating Log

1.5 Daily Taste Panel Chart

1.6 Food Waste Log

1.7 Pest Sighting Log

1.8 Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Log

1.9 3 Compartment Sink Cleaning & Sanitizing Log

1.10 Dish-washing Machine Temp. Log

1.11 Receiving Log

1.12 Thermometer Calibration Log

1.13 Key Point Sanitation Log

1.14 Counter & Food Station Cleaning and Sanitation Log

1.15 Electrostatic Sprayer Sanitation Log

1.16 Utensil Food Station Sanitation Log