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Meal Plans

Commuter Meal Plans

Commuter Meal plans are optional and can be purchased by commuter students, students living off-campus and students who live in a St. George campus residence without a dining hall.

Commuter meal plans are declining balance meal plans.
 This means that your dollars are loaded onto your TCard at the beginning of the year, and, as with a debit account, the dollars in your meal plan account are deducted when you make your food purchases. You’ll have the freedom to choose the items you’d like to eat from a variety of locations across campus allowing you to be able to fully utilize your plan by deciding how and when to you use your plan as it suits you. All plans come with TBucks** which can be used to buy taxable pre-packaged food items like bags of chips and candy bars. TBucks can also be used for textbooks or for printing and photocopying on campus. 

All plans allow you to purchase food and beverage items from the Chestnut Dining Hall, New College Dining Hall and select U of T Food Services retail outlets across campus. 

commuter Meal Plans

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Dining Dollars
(tax exempt)

+ $150 CIF*
$100 TBucks**

Total: $5,500


Dining Dollars
(tax exempt)

+ $75 CIF*
+ $50 TBucks**

Total: $2,750


Dining Dollars
(tax exempt)

+ $50 CIF*
$25 TBucks**

Total: $725

*  The Capital Improvement Fund (CIF) is a non-refundable fund used for capital investments that directly enhances the residence dining experience; facilities, environment and equipment. It is deducted directly from your meal plan fees.

** Tbucks are a common form of currency widely accepted across campus. They can be used to buy taxable pre-packaged food items like bags of chips and candy bars, used to purchase textbooks or for printing and photocopying on campus. TBucks can be purchased by anyone holding a T-Card for use on the St. George campus.

dining dollars

Your dining dollars can be used as follows:

*Only items prepared by Food Services will be tax exempt. For example, a pre-packaged product such as a bag of chips would not be tax exempt, but a sandwich and beverage prepared on campus using raw ingredients would be tax exempt.

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How to purchase your plan

Commuter plans will be available to purchase through the Food Services Mobile Ordering App as of August 14th 2021. For students having difficulties downloading the mobile app, please contact the Food Services Meal Plan office at 416-978-1309 or email us at

Remaining balances & refunds

Remaining balances at year end are refundable for all commuter meal plans. Refunds are subject to a $50 administration fee. A formal request for a refund must be made by April 15th 2022. If a refund request is not received by April 15th 2022 the remaining funds will be automatically transferred to TBucks.

We are here to help

If you are unsure about which meal plan to choose or need further information about a specific meal plan, please call us at 416-978-1309 or email us at